Villa Alcotanes, Marbella, Spain

Nestled in one of Marbella’s most exclusive areas, Villa Alcotanes stands as a testament to luxury and bespoke design. Alexandra Studio took on the challenge of transforming this 854m² villa into a personalized haven for its new owners. Complete with terraces, gardens, a pool, jacuzzi, gym, and outdoor bar area, the villa required a redesign that reflected the owners’ specific needs and tastes, ensuring it felt like their true home.

To achieve this, Alexandra Studio designed bespoke wardrobes for the main bedrooms, focusing on optimal distribution, material choice, and color. A comprehensive domotic system was integrated, enhancing convenience and modern luxury throughout the villa.

The aesthetic vision was to highlight the villa’s natural stone architecture while embracing the owners’ preference for curved lines and serene, fluid spaces. A neutral color palette set the stage, accented by vibrant accessories. Custom-designed furniture with smooth, sinuous shapes further emphasized a relaxed yet dynamic ambiance, perfectly aligning with the clients’ desires for a harmonious and sophisticated environment.

Under the expert guidance of Alexandra Studio, Villa Alcotanes exemplifies the pinnacle of luxurious, personalized interior design. Each element of the project was meticulously crafted to align with the clients’ vision, resulting in a space that exudes both elegance and comfort.